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FLS Bronze Features

  • Sunlight Viewable Monochrome Display
  • Standard 110mm Square Case
  • 100m Forward Range
  • Forward Alarm
  • Digital Depth

For boats with not enough space (or budget!) to fit the FLS Silver or Gold our new FLS Bronze is the perfect solution. Housed in a 110 mm square case, the marine industry standard size, the Bronze will fit neatly into any existing line up of instruments. Forward looking technology in a space no larger than an old fashioned digital sounder.

The maximum forward range is 100 metres (or the equivalent in feet) and the ranges are 20m, 60m and 100m for the optimum view in different situations. The boat icon is set at 8m to give a convenient reference point when judging forward distances. The alarm settings are 2m or 4m and selection "alarms" the appropriate section of the screen right up to the maximum 100m forward range.

The newly designed custom display uses the latest LCD technology to provide a detailed view of the seabed terrain within a screen of 126 by 64 pixels. LED backlighting gives clear night time visibility.

Simple digital sounders show historical data, they may show a depth which is 10 to 15 seconds out of date and represents the seabed your boat passed over a hundred metres ago. The digital depth on the Bronze is an average of the first one third of the screen ahead and so is far closer to the reality of what is under your boat right now.

Unique to the Echopilot FLS Bronze is our new depth memory feature. Seabed profile below and behind the boat icon is now shown on screen in addition to the forward view. On the 100 metre range the Bronze displays 100m forward and 25 metres behind.

The Bronze has simple 2 button control, one to select and scroll the menu and the other to change the items chosen. Range change is either automatic or with one touch of the right hand button. The slimline case is designed for flush mounting in the smartest instrument panel, pod or bulkhead. The exposed front of the instrument is waterproof.

The FLS bronze comes with two transducer options: the standard transducer (suitable for small GRP boats) and the professional transducer (suitable for larger boats). The standard transducer has a plastic skin fitting with 26 mm of usable thread, and requires a 45mm hole size. The professional transducer has a bronze skin fitting with 77mm of usable thread, and requires a hole size of 60mm. Both transducer types come with 12m of cable. The transducer must be mounted vertically.

Fls Technology, how it works...

OTHER SOUNDERS ARE HISTORY! Most vertical depth sounders show a depth which is an average of what is behind the boat. At EchoPilot we believe that most boat owners would prefer to see hazardous obstructions in front of them!!

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About EchoPilot

EchoPilot was founded in 1969 and our first product was a battery operated "flasher" echo sounder. Since then we have made hundreds of thousands of instruments, always specialising in forward looking sonar, depth sounders and speed logs.

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