Daniamant – Manufacturer of EchoPilot Forward Looking Sonar

Daniamant ApS, Denmark

Daniamant in Denmark was founded in 1975, importing diamond tools for the building industry. Our first IMO approved Lifejacket Light was used at sea in 1985 – same year as our first approved Liferaft Lighting system was developed. In 1991 IMO regulations were tightened, making lifejacket lights compulsory on vessels undertaking long voyages. Daniamant was there to deliver, and business grew steadily. Another IMO legislation paved the way for further business growth in 1998, when lifejacket lights were made mandatory on all SOLAS vessels.

In 2005, Arne Gillin, together with Dansk Generationsskifte Kapital, bought into Daniamant, starting a new wave of expansion. McMurdo Ltd’s Survivor Lights division in the UK was acquired in 2006. Comet GmbH’s Lifebuoy Lights business was acquired in 2007. And to strengthen Daniamant’s position on the global market, NTR Holding A/S of Denmark acquired Daniamant Holdings A/S in 2010. Today Daniamant is a market leader of Survivor Location Lights solutions.

In January 2016, Daniamant acquired the SL-300 lifebuoy light and the SL-400 lifeboat light from Jotron in Norway. Two quality products to supplement Daniamant’s survivor location light range.

In September 2017, Daniamant acquired the UK based company EchoPilot, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced Forward-Looking Sonars (FLS).



The acquisition of EchoPilot by Daniamant was effective as of September 1, 2017 and involved all design, development, production, stock, patent, sales and marketing activities. The forward looking 2D and 3D sonars has widened the Daniamant product range and fit in the company’s “Safe Sailing” segment. It is a step further for Daniamant in its pursuit and ambition to successfully grow the company in the marine electronics industry.

Forward Looking Sonars (FLS) are aimed to enhance the vessel’s safety in uncharted waters and remote areas by scanning and displaying the seabed in front of the vessel. EchoPilot patented the world’s first real time FLS in 1992. In 2012, EchoPilot developed and patented the 3D forward sonar product. Over its 40-year history, EchoPilot has designed 45 different marine instruments and manufactured 140,000+ units which have been sold worldwide.

Daniamant will, with its global business, aim to expand the sales and marketing of these advanced products both directly, via Daniamant distribution network and via EchoPilot’s established distribution network. Furthermore, the long-term intention is to design and develop new forward-looking sonars to ensure the most competitive FLS products are offered to enhance a vessel’s voyage.


Daniamant Ltd, United Kingdom

The origin of the Survivor Location Lights business lies with McMurdo Silver who founded a valve radio company in 1937. During the 1950’s, the company diversified into Marine Safety Lights and quickly established a reputation for quality products. In 2006, McMurdo Ltd was sold to Daniamant ApS, and a new company called Daniamant Ltd commenced trading for the first time.

In October 2014, Daniamant was proud to announce the acquisition of the Assets from Odeo Flare Ltd, a company based in Dorset. The exciting Odeo Flare™ electronic Visual Distress Signals (eVDS) products takes Daniamant more directly into the World-Wide Leisure market, including both maritime and onland opportunities. In addition, The US Coast Guard is leading the World in developing standards for eVDS and Daniamant is at the forefront of this development.  Today Daniamant Ltd proudly hold all necessary approvals for the company and products, including ISO 9001:2008, MED, SOLAS, ATEX, IECEx, ETL listing and USCG.

In January 2016, Daniamant Ltd acquired the SL-300 Lifebuoy and SL-400 Lifeboat Lights business from Jotron AS.


Daniamant Electronics

In 2012 Daniamant acquired Uni-Safe Electronics. The company, now named Daniamant Electronics, was founded by Torben F. Thorsen in 1993 and continues to develop BNWAS Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm Systems and Salinometers used for freshwater generators. Daniamant Electronics export a wide range of different products within safety equipment and electronic communication systems to more than 40 countries worldwide. The company has been appointed as a ‘Gazelle Company’ (dynamic company experiencing fast growth) in year 2000 and 2008. In December 2013, Daniamant Electronics moved into the Daniamant ApS facility at Slangerup, just outside Copenhagen.

For more details see www.daniamant.com