Daniamant is proud to present a new range of Forward Looking Sonar (FLS). The EchoPilot FLS 2D offers all the best features of the EchoPilot forward sonar range, now displayed on a full colour transflective TFT LCD.

The display has a viewable area of 7“ (18cm) diagonal. The benefits of colour, apart from being visually more pleasing, include being able to gain much more information about the nature of the sea bed. Stronger echoes give different colours.

Simple digital sounders show historical data, they may show a depth which is 10 to 15 seconds out of date and represents the sea bed your boat passed over a hundred meters ago. The digital depth on the 2D screen is an average of the first one third of the screen ahead and so is far closer to the reality of what is under your boat right now.

The EchoPilot FLS 2D is the culmination of all the experience from more than 18 years of research and manufacture of forward looking sonars and is, we believe, the best sonar available regardless of price.

  • Major Benefits
  • Real Time System
  • Update Time: 0.5 seconds
  • Forward Alarm
  • Multiple Display Options
  • Digital Depth