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The Danish based marine electronics company Daniamant has acquired 100% of the UK based company EchoPilot, specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced Forward-Looking Sonars (FLS).
The acquisition of EchoPilot by Daniamant is effective as of September 1, 2017 and involves all design, development, production, stock, patent, sales and marketing activities. The forward looking 2D and 3D sonars will widen the Daniamant product range and fit in the company’s “Safe Sailing” segment. It is a step further for Daniamant in its pursuit and ambition to successfully grow the company in the marine electronics area.

Forward looking sonars are aimed to enhance the vessel’s safety in uncharted waters and remote areas by scanning and displaying the seabed in front of the vessel. EchoPilot patented the world’s first real time forward looking sonar (FLS) in 1992. Then in 2012 EchoPilot invented and patented the 3D forward sonar product. Over its 40-year history, EchoPilot has designed 45 different marine instruments and manufactured 140,000+ units which have been sold globally.

Daniamant will, with its global business, aim to expand the sales and marketing of these advanced products both directly, via its distribution network and via EchoPilot’s established distribution network. Further the long-term intention is to design and develop new forward-looking sonars to ensure the most competitive FLS products are offered to enhance a vessel’s voyage.

Kevin Rough, Daniamant CEO says “With the primary reason for marine insurance claims being collisions with a submerged object, including the sea bed, the patented 3D FLS provides advance warning and real-time information with unparalleled realism. The use of forward looking sonar can provide a viable method for increasing safety of navigation, especially in the remote and poorly-surveyed regions of the world’s oceans. It can also aid grounding prevention by providing greater visibility of the underwater environment. The FLS literally makes the invisible visible. Daniamant look forward to building on the excellent work of EchoPilot‘s management and Customers to take the products development and vision even further.”

Daniamant and EchoPilot representatives will be available at METS in Amsterdam from November 14th to discuss this exciting development in person.

For more information please contact:

Berit W. Hansen General Manager +45 4737 3810, berit.w.hansen@daniamant.com
Kevin Rough CEO +44 2392 675110, kevin.rough@daniamant.com

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